Monday, December 11, 2017

I have been silent for so long that I have almost forgotten how to write in my blog. It feels like a very long time ago when I first started the whole thing and blundered along forever. 
The chest above arrived a few days ago and I am thrilled that it actually looks good in its place. However, it arrived minus some hinges though I did find one of them finally rattling around in the wrappings but what is worse: the drawers are not running on metal runners which I should have known. So for now I am busy rubbing Vaseline into the grooves and it does seem to work. Up to a point. 

So much has changed since my last posting. I had major surgery on my left hand and it will take another whole year before I should be able to 'use' it without pain. Friends around me keep pointing out that it is time for me to relax, take it easy, smell the roses.......and so on and on. And frankly? I dislike being told this continuously. Life is to short and I definitely would not want to just 'relax' and do nothing else or not much else.......Grrrrrrrrr.

Ok, just venting. Love to you all. I need to make a better effort to come here and let my thoughts run free.