Monday, February 22, 2016

omg, I can't believe it but it is monday ! Again. And I still have so many of your emails sitting on my inbox like lame ducks. They don't disappear just because I am not doing that great. I sincerely hope I can make up for my lack of response in saying that I really really love you all.

To start with: on Friday afternoon I checked on my email and they kept coming. In total I received 2968 emails. In panic I called my server or internet company. In my case Bell Canada. She told me that all my emails for the past year remain sitting on their server for a year. What do I care?????? and it takes three working days for someone to look into it, just why were they all sent back to me?????? Really! Grrrrrr. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Then, holy cow! I all of a sudden had a terrible pain in my mouth. It kept disappearing and then coming back. Soo, scared cat that I am, I rushed to my dentist. He is on holiday and his replacement turned out useless. Not saying that he is useless, but well, there has to be 'something', if I am in that much pain to make me accept the nasty fact that a visit to the dentist will make my account some $200 lighter......(I really often wonder why in Canada our famous OHIP system does not cover dental work or a visit to the dentist???). After all, teeth are like the gateway to the rest of your body. No wonder, so many people walk around with stumps or gaping holes. Anyway, the tech took an xray but nothing apparently showed up. Right now I am waiting to call them (office is open after noon i.e. 12 ) and I need to make an appt. I am almost sure it is one of my lower back teeth. I hope it's not in the bone.....
 recipe and photo on Dr. Oz's website. Yummy!!

I will have to put myself on the scales, haha.......because the pain prevents me from chewing. So right now I am living on mostly liquids or soft foods. Like salmon or tuna patties! Love them, and thank you, dear Amy for the recipe! The move from Toronto was good for me weight-wise. I lost roughly 18 lbs. but I definitely do not need to lose anymore or I will end up looking like an old shrivelled woman, hehe......

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