Sunday, June 14, 2015

Here I am.....after so many months...And so much has happened since I last posted - not sure if I remember it all but I guess if I don't then it was never that important perhaps?

On March 1st of this year I moved to the 'Big City'. TORONTO. I have been told more than once recently that God only gives you what you can bear but nevertheless the body reacts to whatever you have been 'given'....Right now I am not thrilled with things or life and it is really hard to keep smiling sometimes. Lots of times actually.

The 'million dollar view' - as my family calls it.

It was still winter, and I did not realize that there is a big park just outside my building.

Anyway, I am now fully fledged and living a city life accompanied by busy traffic and multi-culture. Would I undertake the move again? from a quiet provincial small St. Catharines to a large city? Probably not, but I am looking at it right now as another adventure in my life. After all, what is so different after having lived in so many other capital cities of the world? why am I complaining even?

I need to learn to accept. Adjust. Re-align!



Jeannette said...

Hi dear Sabina.
I can only hope you will settle in okay in Toronto. I can imagine it must be a big change. Maybe once you are settled in you will be able to get your life back in order and live it the way you want to!
I know what it is when smiling hurts.

Ooooh, and I'm so sorry for that beautiful ship. It's a glorious ship with a great history! I hope you can fix it!

big hugs

wombat146 said...

Hello my sweet friend! I am happy to reconnect with you! Jeannette gave me the link to your blog. I am sorry to hear of your husband's passing and also of your various health issues!
Your new life in a big city will no doubt take some adjustments, especially as you are still working through your grieving process. I hope the adjustments do finally bring you to a place where you are happy and creative, finding joy in a new life.
All the very best Sabine, and please know that I am only a message away if you would like to contact me at SBG.
Take care and lots of hugs,
Ona xx (aka wombat146) :)

Sabina Pamphili said...

oh my oh goodness, dear Ona! I am so thrilled to see you. Will rush right now into SBG and give you a huge hug. xoxox

twinsmomflor said...

Hi Sabina,

I am slowly going back to my regular scrapping. I too moved from Phoenix to Southern California. I have a big mess but getting there (it's always hard to go back to a smaller house). But we are very happy. Hugs I am so happy that you are going back to scrapping gradually. I miss you too

wombat146 said...

Sabina you are such a sweet lady! talk about reaching for the tissues!! *sniff* Thank you for the hug sweetie, I am so happy to 'talk' to you again! Have missed you!! Please stay in touch and I will pop in here occasionally to see what you have been up to!!!....... Ona xxxxxx

Karen Mujica said...

Sabina! I'm so glad that I saw your comments on a couple of posts at SBG Comment Central (the comments helped me find your blog).

I'm so very sorry to learn about the loss of your husband. And I'm also sorry about your struggles with your health. You've been through so much but you are a tower of strength. I admire you and I love hearing your life stories. I looked back at my messages and I hadn't heard from you since Dec. 2013. I hope that soon you will feel up to scrapping your memories and family history again. I MISS YOU!!!

(aka iamkaren)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sabina, t'is I, Fifi, and I'm so glad I clicked your site again! As you say so much going on one must learn to adjust. I hope your newest adventure goes well. There's lots of adventure at our home, like 4 generations currently in residence, me on oxygen (that fire/smoke from years ago leading to COPD), and...I'm a great grandma, a second will be arriving on July 22. Sending hugz and love, Ferryl aka Fifi.

Dieter Maass said...

Hallo Sabina,

alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Wir hoffen, dass Du Dich mittlerweile eingelebt hast. Schick uns doch Deine aktuell e-mail-Adresse und Deine Anschrift.

Liebe Grüße
Dieter und Elke

Scrappie Irene said...

Dear Sabina, I just read you are moved. I hope you already feel at home in the city.
A lot is going on in my life at the moment, so I haven't visited your blog for a while. We lost some family members and my father is not doing well. He had to go to the hospital many times for his heart. He also fell and broke his two arms a couple of weeks ago.
Only fun thing at the moment is we are leaving to Italy next week!
Hugs, Irene