Sunday, June 14, 2015

Here I am.....after so many months...And so much has happened since I last posted - not sure if I remember it all but I guess if I don't then it was never that important perhaps?

On March 1st of this year I moved to the 'Big City'. TORONTO. I have been told more than once recently that God only gives you what you can bear but nevertheless the body reacts to whatever you have been 'given'....Right now I am not thrilled with things or life and it is really hard to keep smiling sometimes. Lots of times actually.

The 'million dollar view' - as my family calls it.

It was still winter, and I did not realize that there is a big park just outside my building.

Anyway, I am now fully fledged and living a city life accompanied by busy traffic and multi-culture. Would I undertake the move again? from a quiet provincial small St. Catharines to a large city? Probably not, but I am looking at it right now as another adventure in my life. After all, what is so different after having lived in so many other capital cities of the world? why am I complaining even?

I need to learn to accept. Adjust. Re-align!