Friday, February 27, 2015

I actually wrote this post one month ago and forgot about it. But life goes on and so much is happening that I really need to post this and then fill everyone in with what else is happening. Boy, am I busy.

Anyway, here it is: It's been six months since I lost my husband and life will not be the same again. This morning I had an early appointment and whilst driving there, I suddenly started crying. He never liked listening to music in the car and here I was driving along playing one of my CDs, but then I realized that I would rather have my husband sitting next to me in the car and not listen to music instead...Anyway, somehow life goes on in spite of what you initially think and even resent people telling you - continiously.

LIFE GOES ON.....yeah.....sure. Actually, four days after my husband's death I was forced to go on with life battling my own health issues and it somewhat blunted the actual grieving. It makes me wonder if I am just starting to realize it because I am just getting over a horrible experience and infestation of scabies which I caught in the hospital where my husband was. Imagine! Now, SIX month later, I am still bearing the marks and assume it will take at least another 8 weeks before I am back to normal. So, kids, life goes on but honestly? I am not impressed right now. And yet: I am grateful.


Charne aka Meisie said...

You certainly have been through the wringer these last months. I'm so sorry. And though I cannot give you a hug myself, I take comfort in knowing that God is right there beside you and that Jesus understands it all. He is neither clueness, nor indifferent to your pain. We seem to share a lot of interests in crafts and music! I off to go take a look at more of your blogposts!

CarolW said...

I'll never understand why life has to be so full of hurt. Someone say it is so we will appreciate the good times. What do ;you do when the bad times outweigh the good? There must be somewhere, present or future, where things are evened out.

You are doing wonderfully making life go on, I am proud of all you have accomplished.

I love you BFF,

Sabina Pamphili said...

dear sweet Carol, I love seeing you here with all your support and understanding. When I posted the above post, I felt kind of uneasy because most blogs are all about 'happy' times and I wished there were posts on how other people or artists cope. You and I both have been through devastating experiences and yet here we are, even smiling at times.
Thank you for taking the time to find me, angel. Love you. Love you.

Scrappie Irene said...

Dear Sabina, I'm so sorry to read you are still having a hard time. I really hope things will get better for you soon.
At the moment I'm also in a very difficult period. My dad isn't acting normal, he's making things up in his mind and is angry to different people about these made up things. I hope it's nothing serious, my brother and I already talked to his doctor and he things it can be helped with some medication.
Hugs, Irene