Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wandering around . . .I think about what I should be writing in my blog. Something intelligent or brilliant and letting my friends and family know what is happening in my life. Maybe some witty funny observations.... only somehow time passes and my blog remains silent. Comments from visitors here inspire me, they also remind me that I have a blog and need to update it at times. It's all well and good to have imagination, but mine seems to have disappeared since January 2013. The worst year of my life - it was in January when I had a fall and broke my two lower vertebraes. And then of course I had total hip surgery and then a few months later, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Terminal. I plan grand art pages but life gets in the way..... or does it? I suppose when 'life gets in the way, it is just normal and blogging is just the extension of it. I decided to treat the blog just like a journal. Just writing down inconsequential thoughts and how I feel about what might be happening in my life. I find myself struggling like a fly when it's caught in water trying to get out of it - gasping for breath. It is now seven weeks since Mario was admitted into palliative care - an eternity to both of us. Nobody ever told us just how bad it can get and dear God, this is only just beginning. Well, not really but I have a feeling that it is going to get much much much worse.

I have joined 'Wellspring'.


I bought a gelli plate
sometime ago and
played around with it,
but then life interfered
and I forgot all about
it. Maybe one day
my 'mojo' will
really come back?
oh, and then I read about
using salt and stuff and
went out and bought Kosher
salt. And this was the result.
Of course that's just doing the
ground work. And maybe
soon I will add some stencil
or other bits to it.
someday, in the future?