Saturday, June 7, 2014

It seems that every day is planned and there is just not enough time to relax and concentrate on my computer. This coming Thursday we have another appointment with Mario's oncologist and I just hope she has some good news like perhaps continuing with more chemo. Mario seems to be able to take it and he has not lost weight yet but he is very very tired. He has a bad heart and he keeps thinking that his heart is not going to be able to take more chemo and it is very possible because after the last session he had a heart attack. I am considering moving closer to our youngest one in Toronto when all this is over, even though I really don't know if I will like living there. But Marinella says that basically it's the same as living here, you just have to stick to the area where you live until you are more sure of the streets. why am I rambling like this? It is weeks ago since I wrote this to be entered into the blog and somehow I never got around to posting it. Since then so much has happened and I am jumbling it all up into a mess.

Found this photo in my stash of our trip through the Italian Alps and
near our home in Prato. Would that we could be there now, surrounded
by absolute peace and beauty. God's Creation.