Sunday, May 4, 2014

small signs of life

I am sorry that it takes me so long from one posting to another but time seems to fly away with me right now and maybe also my priorities have changed. For now. I am still enjoying dabbling in mixed media but also those projects are coming along at turtle speed.
There are times when I am tempted to get back into digital scrapping - less messy, and I would not need an extra room for all my paints and 'stuff'.....apart from the fact that it is a lot cheaper than playing around with Mixed Media. And since I am seriously tackling the idea of moving into a one bedroom place eventually, I cannot imagine where I would put all my shelves and cabinets???????? ..... I still have so much to say but somehow it seems to require peace and quiet and there does not seem to be much around right now.


and sometimes I just
'doodle'.....just for the
fun of it.