Sunday, March 23, 2014

I am so glad when I am being told that I have not posted in the blog
for some time because then I know that you still care....Sometimes
 I just feel so alone. I am just sorry that it's been a while but life is
keeping me very busy and truly exhausted. We have appointments
 every single day of the week, some for Mario and some for myself.
  Started rehab for my hip a few weeks ago and omg, I am dead beat.
 And of course, everything hurts - not only my hip, but my shoulders,
 knees, my back, my thumb etc. No coffee afternoons
 those days, hehe. But I love all of it and just pray it will help with
 my hip.

  It seems strange but I have started thinking that a lot of my
 digital pages are overloaded. Maybe my direction is changing and / or
 maybe I burnt out but I don't even feel like going back to scrapping.
 Instead I have started looking at Mixed Media and love some of it.
Finnabair does some lovely work and I have started a canvas but will
 not use as much in embellishments. Again, I rather have less than more.

  Arabella started sneezing and coughing and even though she had all of
her shots every single year, she was diagnosed with a feline herpes virus.
 I am going to have to take her for a second opinion and hopefully it won't
 be so bad. Apparently it is incurable but with medication they can still
live for many years. I hope. I try not to worry about it....

On a lighter note: I am ashamed to admit that I am watching 'coronation street'..........dear oh dear, ......!!!! how low have I sunk? hahahaaaaaa.
It's half an hour of 'mindless' TV but it's ok. There are times when we
all need some kind of diversion though I have to admit I don't understand
half of what they are saying.

below is a canvas I have been working on - on and off and still not
sure of the final result (bottom page with color, greens and copper etc.).
The actual photo was taken in autumn of last year and I really wanted
to reflect the colors of the leaves, the gold and the withering of leaves,
but somehow I am not satisfied with any of it. I actually even like the
wishy washy off white effect. I have a feeling that I won't be hanging this
anywhere for a while until I get it right.

I am still working on it. Just bought Lindy's Stamp Gang paints and want to
add some colors to it. Though I don't know how it's going to turn out. I
have  a feeling that I should leave it as it is. Don't they say 'go with
your gut feeling?"?????????