Friday, January 3, 2014

there are many times when I long to feel the passion again that I have
 felt when creating an art page. With photos or without, just painting
 or with some collage. It really did not matter but I did not want to
waste time sleeping and loved every minute of it. Since I had the fall
 in January when I broke my lower vertebraes - I have not felt interested
 in creating anything. It's almost as if there is a message in it and maybe
there is. Maybe I spent too much time on the computer or behind my desk
 and had very little time for my family and friends? Though I am a great
 believer in doing what you want to do as long as you don't hurt anyone
 and creating digital art certainly was not hurting anyone but maybe my
 priorities were mixed up. Then in July I had my left hip totally replaced
 and I am still recovering from that event.

  It has been an awful year starting with the shingles and ending with my
 husband not knowing if he will be able to celebrate his birthday in March.
 In the meantime we are both aware of time. Time flies when you know
that your life is limited suddenly. Good news: the CT scan came back
improved. It bought time. How much ? nobody knows. Weeks or months?
 We are both trying to think very positive in terms of months or even a

An amazing and unexpected gift from a lady who I have yet to meet.
Thank you, dear Sarah. I want to share it with everyone, it is just so lovely.