Monday, December 23, 2013

(catching up a little bit.I had jotted these lines down a few weeks ago
 and then got waylaid and forgot to post them.)

We had an ice storm here and 240 000 people are still without power in

I keep asking myself why why why I suddenly lost interest in scrapping.
It all actually happened when I had the bad fall in January and broke my
 lower two vertebraes. Wished I could figure it out because from that day
 on I stopped scrapping. It just seems so odd because I loved scrapping so
 much and wished I could get back into it. It would help me over this
difficult time that I am going through right now but alas, I lost it. Maybe
it will come back but maybe it will never come back. Maybe age has
 something to do with it and/or I am bored and need a diversion.

Getting older? well, somehow my left hand is giving me problems and
 next week I have to go to an orthop. place to get a stint fitted to my left
 wrist to hold the thumb. Some days the pain is not so bad but I cannot
have anyone squeeze it anymore, nor even carry much or hold a bottle
 in it or whatever else.

Mario's last CT scan came back and the cells have been reduced. Now for
 one month he is having a break but we were told that the cells could come
 back twice as strong and the next chemo might not be as affective as the first
 one. To be really honest, there is not a day that goes by when my eyes don't
 fill up with tears and I feel like crying. I know it's not the time to cry yet
but I keep realizing what I will be missing. Forty one years is a lifetime
together and when we are not together, we talk on the phone. And of course,
neither one of us ever goes out without the other.

  I am trying to knit. I did finish a long long scarf that you wrap around
and let it fall loosely around and I also knitted one for Mario and Heidi. I
 also fixed a dress that I had bought on ebay and it was the wrong size.
Too small. So I bought matching linen fabric and added a kind of strip on
 the side and made it into a two piece. It's a Marilyn Anselm design for
 HOBBs one and I love it. Lol. I love linen. Anyway, that's done too. Now
 what's next? I suppose I could focus on some journaling?

I wish you all Very Happy Blessed Christmas. And of course, Great Health for 2014.

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Balinda (RebelChick) said...

I feel as if I need to send you a case of duct tape to hold you together. In fact, that's what my kids gave my Daddy on his birthday back in October when was still in medical rehab...duct tape and WD-40. It was laugh or cry at that point. I continue to keep you and yours in my prayers. As far as the scrapping goes, I believe there is a time to life life and a time to document...maybe it is just time to live. You might also try art journaling. It may give you a way to give your feelings a voice when words are so very inadequate.
Love and Hugs♥