Tuesday, July 30, 2013

to all my dear friends who have followed me along: I am home after major surgery. I need to take a break right now but will try and update when I feel a little better. Love and hugs.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

genealogy and researching my roots

My research for my family tree started many many years ago. Actually it
 started when I discovered that my dear mother had drawn up our family
 tree in her own cookbook. (another long story for another time!). I treasured
 it. I was very young then and didn't really think about it until I went to England.
 And then I really slithered into it wholeheartedly and never actually stopped.
 Not just researching and collecting dates or names for the sake of enlarging
 the family tree but I studied the history. I wanted to find out for example
 how my great great great grandfather or ancestors had lived back in the
 1700s....or even earlier. The digital layout below was possible - finally -
 after many years of frustration trying to find the link to my paternal great
 great great great grandfather. German authorities are not very helpful in
assisting you to find your roots and eventually it was just a 'hunch', a
 feeling that eventually led me to the right town to locate all I needed.
The photo was taken from a helicopter. The house is still standing and
there are no words that can describe the feelings when you are actually
walking over the doorstep or the floors, touching something that one of
 my ancestors might have touched or walked on. Just amazing.