Wednesday, June 12, 2013

just a few pages from my 'Paris in the Spring' journal. All of them still need journaling and finishing off. (about 70 in all). And I still have to cover the front and back of the book covers......and I want to add some bobbles or ribbons and little things to dangle outside the cover. I find that almost more fun - the finishing touches. The actual book or journal was created from an old book I picked up at the library sale and I am almost sure I will not do it this way again. The pages were too thin and had to be glued together and they did not all turn out smooth but buckled in the process. I do like the look of the print showing through at times but I can achieve the same result in another way and with a smoother end effect.

 I also did not upload a lot of the pages because I really don't
want to have all my thoughts (journaling) shown


all of these pages still need journaling and more work, borders,
corners, bits and pieces. Also I still have to cover the front
 and back of the book

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DogArtist said...

What a huge task! This is one intense journal Sabina!! Beautiful with lots of color and interesting bits for you to peruse through. Love it - and glad that you posted these pages!! (and that you found the ones you lost...LOL) Keep at it! <3