Saturday, May 25, 2013

'Where Women Create', a magazine published by the Stampington Company, made me think of taking a shot of my little space where I work. Well, not the whole space or room but just my main desk.....I really need another table, maybe build it across the corners at both ends. (this is where I get my fingers dirty, my hands literally diving into paint and smudging it.

I also decided to post the link to my main gallery every now and then. I always felt that my children would not be too happy about the idea  but it is MY artwork and why shouldn't I ?  It seems a shame that they would not know about that part of my life and be proud of me. So, here is the link. Enjoy:

2 comments: said...

I always enjoy seeing where people create. Thanks for sharing.

DogArtist said...

Love seeing it! Glad you posted it and of course your gallery is priceless to you so link away!! :D