Tuesday, May 28, 2013

it's called 'priorities'

It's called Priorities and if you don't have any, life will eventually lead you to make them. Time is of essence and does not have mercy. It simply does not stop and for creatures like me.  I really really need time to follow my many loves and passions. It is not an obsession though I will admit that creating digital pages was somewhat close to it a few years ago - until recently.

No more though, but I have always been very creative and could never sit still just watching TV without doing something with my hands: knitting, tapestry, crocheting, sewing, designing, reading between ads or carving a piece of wood.....In short, I was always busy. Somehow the need to create is so strong that when I am away from it I feel impatient after a while. I need to get back into my own space, retreat into myself and let my ideas flow or - not.

Some of the people I talk to don't understand. They ask me what I do with myself all day...and when I say 'getting my hands dirty with paint' or drinking a coffee and messing around on paper, or walking along a street taking shots of ordinary things, delighting in finding a dandelion in bloom and carefully wrapping it in tissue so I can press it between the pages of a book, or going to the woods to find a violet and like a child looking up with delight that I found JUST the right one to use in one of my art works.....or looking for a rusty nut and bolt..... people ask 'why do you want a rusty nut and bolt' with a frown, giving me an odd look (and me defensive, mumbling 'no......I haven't lost it - yet'.....I need it for a canvas painting....
I am also a writer and words are ME. I use them. Funny really because English is not my first language. But I feel more proficient in it than using German. I love writing about anything. And of course I use it in genealogy, another huge passion of mine - right now I am still trying to finish a book on the life my ancestors led 100 years ago, 200 and 300 years ago..... Fascinating how they survived in war torn Europe throughout the centuries!

A normal day in my life starts with getting up around 8.30 or 9 a.m. It's been cold recently here and the heating has been shut down so we are very cold in the apartments right now. Hm, well, I have a heater going but it is not enough....anyway, off to fix porridge and coffee, sitting on top of the bed, first I check the weather, then updates on CNN and the news mostly on BBC. Being totally European, I need to know what is happening across the Atlantic and don't care about local news at all. Bad bad me....but that's the  truth and it's time I own up to it.

Time for a shower and by that time it's 11 a.m. Hair styling (we are still vain.....preening, checking what to wear etc.... and then starting my first set of excercises. Twenty minutes. Then a walk which hopefully will increase in length as the weeks go by. For now I am limited to 1 km. In between any of those silly activities I always have to make one phonecall organizing the rest of the day, discussing various states of health etc.....a second call to my oldest who is not doing well right now....and if possible, painting a page or working for about twenty minutes on a digital page. By that time it's time to close my eyes for an hour or two. Sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I read. But it's a time we reserved to have total QUIET time. My eyes have been bothering me recently and it's good to close them. But mostly I need to rest my back and hip both of which are still very painful. I don't take painkillers so I need to rest and regain my strength.

And then it's 3 p.m. Either we have a coffee at home and chat about various stuff, watch a little of the news (finanacial channel) and by 4.30 it's time for me to carry on with walking, excercises etc....and starting dinner. A lot of days we go out for the afternoon, walking along the harbor or in one of the parks and sometimes we eat dinner out, but by 7 or 8 p.m. we are back... by then my phone is flashing - messages! stop the exercises, and return some calls....... my goodness, do I hate the phone.....some people simply love chatting and cannot limit their calls to a five minute talk. ... my hands start aching, my ear hurts, my voice is raspy, but I don't have the courage to limit chatting. I will have to work on that part. Definitely. Hate dislike hate wasting time and most of the talking is basically repetitive. Unless I talk to a friend who shares the same interests that I have, there really is not much to talk about....emmm......ehem....(see my various hobbies and interests....in the profile).....lol.

oh, I forgot: I have recently started watching 'Coronation Street'.....(grrrrrrr, my head is hanging down, I feel duly mortified but nevertheless I am hooked and watch it!)..... and the rest of the evening I try and work on my art journals, a wonderful hobby that I truly enjoy. I also take classes and tutorials. And I write. Either in my journals or
stories about my ancestors and how  they spent their time centuries ago. Most of my free time is spent learning. By 11 p.m. I stop everything, exercise some more, walk around another km, play with my kitty and then into bed - to read a book until midnight. Welllll, last night it was 1.30 a.m. when I finished reading.

But then my life is mine and I can do what I want when I want and adjust activities accordingly.... I have not included general shopping for groceries, going to many doctors right now, I have seven specialists myself, not to mention my husband.....getting my hair cut or styled, spending time in Toronto, going to concerts in Hamilton or Toronto or simply sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine contemplating life and enjoying Arabella's company. Arabella is my little cat and she is more like a human - she is never more than 6 inches away from me wherever I am and that includes the bathroom. There she sits on the edge of the tub talking to me or on top of the bathroom sink when I brush my teeth. She is there. You cannot look at her sorrowful face and not want to play with her.....it's just begging for it.

If you are interested, please feel free to visit my gallery here (you learn a lot
about an artist when you really really look at their work) :

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with me. I will be catching up
on your work later today.

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DogArtist said...

You said a mouthful!
I have been bad. Just too involved in my studies and work. Then of course family. Love the photo of Arabella too. and no phone for me. Can't do it either. Hopefully your heat will come back on but now again it is warming so...
I always wonder how you are able to walk the harbor. Must take breaks for sure. Just don't overdo!!
Back I go to work and studying. You know, my eyes have been bothering me as well. Must be the spring allergies....hmmm
Thanks for sharing! :)