Thursday, May 9, 2013

I was asked a few days ago what I meant by 'living life'.....and I had to stop and think about it trying to define 'living life' and what it means for me. Going back a few years (since I started digital art on the computer, writing my biography etc. etc.), I used to spend well over ten hours daily on the computer. Every available free minute was dedicated to 'creating' something. It was like an addiction (though I am not a good judge about addiction since i never had that problem) but I sure as heck was addicted to 'creating'...... And I thought I was 'living life'.

And then it happened. I had a very bad fall and broke and injured my back, pelvis etc. etc..... That was just over three months ago but my life changed from that very moment. It has not been the same i.e. my attitude has changed. I still love creating and sit at the computer but it is not a priority for me any longer. No more rushing through dinners, visits or shopping to get back on the computer. I am more conscious of HOW I spend the day, to look at the moments in life, the little things, and spending quality time with those around me including my little kitty.

The scales tipped and I found my balance once more.


of course, one of life's pleasures -
a glass of wine or a cup of great European friends know
that a glass of water always
accompanies a great coffee...)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I stopped by to visit because you left such a sweet message on my blog. I got involved in your blog, and read back several pages. I especially liked your Venice journal and of course, all your digital art, something I'm simply not good at.

I was saddened to read about your fall, but I know your confidence has returned. I read it in each new post you wrote. It got stronger as I began reading from this last page backward.

I hope both you and your husband are soon both doing better. I am sure his being in the hospital truly was a silver lining for you.

Jeannette said...

Isn't it weird, how we all so easily tend to forget about the real important things in life. My son broke his thumb the other day and he awoke around 4 o'clock in the night cause it hurt. I gave him an asperine, and he crawled into bed with me. We softly talked for a while and the first light of a new day started to shine through the curtains. A bird started to sing his song, and I told my son about the birds singing almost every morning from first daylight till about 7 o'clock. We listened together for quite a while and later that day he told me he had really enjoined the birds. He also asked me how I knew the birds would sing, was I awake more often around that time?
He had really listened!

It's true, there are so many important and beautiful moments in life. If only we give them a chance to happen!

Hugs Jeannette

Anonymous said...

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