Saturday, April 6, 2013

thought this digital page would be reflecting my newly gained confidence
in driving the car again. I have always been driving but stopped somehow
when I had my last hip replacement three years ago. Since my husband
was in the hospital in the last ten days, I was forced to start driving again.
AND IT FELT GREAT! I tell you, girls, (and boys, if any of you are out
there), it felt wonderful. My newly found once more independence. Love it.
The page above was created when I read an article on women and their
fight for freedom or being recognized. It's a provocative thought for
someone that grew up in the fifties and sixties and I still don't agree with all.
Women's lib? Not for me. Not totally. Some of it, but definitely not to the
extent I see happening over here. Grrrr. There are times when I can't believe
my eyes how women dress. Shorts that barely cover their butts and tops
that barely cover their top.....and all in the name of freedom....what happened
to good taste or mirrors at home?

Hmmm, enough said.

5 comments: said...

Beautiful page I love the monotones and deep shadows.
As for Womens Lib, I'm all for it. Poor dressing has nothing to do with Womens lib, it's just poor taste and weak judgement.
Congrats on driving again.

Jeannette said...

It sure does feel good to be independent, hehe, part of Womens Lib. I can understand why you feel it goes too far sometimes, but I also think that too short skirts etc has nothing to do with Womens Lib, I rather think that women who dress like that have to find out about what Womens Lib really is!
Here in the Netherlands women still get paid less then men, even if they do the same job. That's unfair! We need equality between men and women, but we do have to recognize that men and women are different! Maybe the next generation will figure it all out!
Love your page Sabina, it really is beautiful!
hugs Jeannette

Sabina Pamphili said...

I think I have to amend my dialogue because I have a feeling it is misunderstood. More likely I should have emphasized the difference between being a lady and just a woman. There is a huge difference, lol. Just google what it takes to be a lady....I agree that salaries have to be adjusted with respect to some jobs. But then so should the language that comes out of some women's mouth. And yet if a man expresses himself the same way, women are offended. Lol. I just feel it's all gone too far. And when you look at men on the street and women and take a survey and compare, on the whole men still dress more conservative as opposed to a lot of women who tend to look trashy when they do.
I guess I still suffer from culture shock, haha. Sorry.

DogArtist said...

I like the page and I think I remember it? The tones are subtle and pretty too. Esp the photo you used. I won't say anything about the Women's Lib thing...LOL...

CarolW said...

Your Venice journal turned out fabulously great. I love the mixture of pictures and journaling, it looks wonderful. I agree there is a difference between a woman and a lady but I like to think we have the ability to be a bit of each as the occasion warrants.

I'm so glad you realize the progress you have made, for a while it was all just moving too slow for you. You have been very strong, a lady and a woman. I guess money isn't in my definition. Love you.