Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just a way this is a continuation of a conversation I had with myself the other day and related more or less to the layout I uploaded the other day about the difference between being a lady and a woman. (see my posting from April 6th this year).

(I found this online and it really says it all for me: Being a lady is something I aspire to and something I am proud to be. It takes my God given gift of womanhood to the next level. I like to dress, think and act like a lady. I expect men to act like gentlemen around me and I am grateful when one opens a door for me, engages me in pertinent discourse or helps me with luggage. However, I do not consider myself the “weaker” sex! Being a lady, doesn’t steal my confidence, capability or compassion. It doesn’t make me a weak, ignorant doormat or a commodity. I am a mother, an entrepreneur, have been involved in the community and am well educated. I am glad NOT to be a man or even a gentleman.)

And ok, since I am touching a 'touchy' subject, I also found an article that I had kept and been wanting to upload for a while. I keep hearing the term 'having class' or 'being classy' and it surprises me to see my toes still cringing.
1. She treats everyone as an equal. She would speak to the janitor, waiter or hotel receptionist as she would to her friends. Always polite, unhurried, undemanding. She does not gush or laugh a little louder to try to impress or please. She does not elevate or 'humble' herself.

  2. She is always extremely punctual, because she does not want anyone to wait. If you are late, she will tell you to take your time. She is properly dressed at all times. Why? because she would not want to convey sloppiness - which translates to "I don't think you are important enough for me to make an effort."

3. If you spilled coffee on her rug, she will make light of it because she thinks your feelings are more important.

4. She Values Education and Self-Improvement She who is classy seeks an understanding of herself, of others and the world and has an accurate and refined use of the mother tongue. Reading is a mainstay hobby for intellectual pursuits and so are sports because it develops character. Travel is valued because it expands horizons and helps her gain perspective. It increases her understanding on culture.

I found another article which I really love but I will wait to post it another day. (can't wait to hear my kids' laughing...).

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DogArtist said...

It's good to see you rambling! LOL
And please, if you can- quote your source. That would be interesting too. Glad you are blogging :D