Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just a way this is a continuation of a conversation I had with myself the other day and related more or less to the layout I uploaded the other day about the difference between being a lady and a woman. (see my posting from April 6th this year).

(I found this online and it really says it all for me: Being a lady is something I aspire to and something I am proud to be. It takes my God given gift of womanhood to the next level. I like to dress, think and act like a lady. I expect men to act like gentlemen around me and I am grateful when one opens a door for me, engages me in pertinent discourse or helps me with luggage. However, I do not consider myself the “weaker” sex! Being a lady, doesn’t steal my confidence, capability or compassion. It doesn’t make me a weak, ignorant doormat or a commodity. I am a mother, an entrepreneur, have been involved in the community and am well educated. I am glad NOT to be a man or even a gentleman.)

And ok, since I am touching a 'touchy' subject, I also found an article that I had kept and been wanting to upload for a while. I keep hearing the term 'having class' or 'being classy' and it surprises me to see my toes still cringing.
1. She treats everyone as an equal. She would speak to the janitor, waiter or hotel receptionist as she would to her friends. Always polite, unhurried, undemanding. She does not gush or laugh a little louder to try to impress or please. She does not elevate or 'humble' herself.

  2. She is always extremely punctual, because she does not want anyone to wait. If you are late, she will tell you to take your time. She is properly dressed at all times. Why? because she would not want to convey sloppiness - which translates to "I don't think you are important enough for me to make an effort."

3. If you spilled coffee on her rug, she will make light of it because she thinks your feelings are more important.

4. She Values Education and Self-Improvement She who is classy seeks an understanding of herself, of others and the world and has an accurate and refined use of the mother tongue. Reading is a mainstay hobby for intellectual pursuits and so are sports because it develops character. Travel is valued because it expands horizons and helps her gain perspective. It increases her understanding on culture.

I found another article which I really love but I will wait to post it another day. (can't wait to hear my kids' laughing...).

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's been THREE months since I had this bad fall and still I shall need major surgery and time on my side to be able to regain my normal way of walking and living....

I came across this page which is part of my biography and thought it was an encouraging page for me and family to upload here - reminding me of the hardships I went through back then when I also had a very bad back fracture. As it says in my biography, I was in a metal cast for 9 months and the pain was unbearable for a very long time. Time makes you forget these little things which is why it's a good thing to write it all down. For many months then I was unable to stand for very long, and I could not sit except with a mountain of pillows.... In the layout below I am standing with the metal cast (which is hidden under my lose outfit and making me look huge, like a size 16, haha......). Looking at it now I am smiling because I KNOW I shall get better.

This is what I call 'A Part of My Life', and it is just that: a part, because there are so many facets to it that I often wonder how I coped with it all. It has been very tumultous and busy and not always happy, not always finding the peace inside myself that I so badly needed and did not realize it.
(the newspaper article says:) - last name removed...

Sabina - a hobby that's become a successful business
In order to succeed, sometimes you need a lot of love and a strong belief in what you are doing. Success can sometimes also be achieved through hard work and long hours. And sometimes it takes a lot of talent. Sabina xxx has all three ingredients. Sabina owns and operates three stores simply called 'Sabina'. (later she added three
more stores, all in the range of 3 - 4000 sq.ft. large).
Inside each shop you'll find a wonderous world of antiques and primitives, victorian accents, collectibles, laces, Christmas ornamens, framed pictures and so on and so on. When you step inside these stores, you quickly realize that it is not your average collection of crafts. No, a great deal of time, planning and love has evidently gone on in the planning of the store's 'contents and in their decorations. 'My stores are me' Sabina says, 'they reflect my personality. 'They reflect my love for creations and what they represent. It has nothing to do with making money.'

Sabina says that she was 'always making things' as a housewife, such as baby coats and Christmas wreaths and that five years ago, she decided to take her 'hobby' out to the public. The first location was in a small boutique inside the restored Cor Block in St. Catharines. Within nine months Sabina moved to a larger location within the Core Block. 'We went from 350 sq.ft. to 2,500 sq. ft. she recalls. Sabina started without any staff, and made most of the items herself, so the hours were long and the work was hard, she explains but she is quick to add that it never has been 'work'.. 'I have always loved making things. My head is full with new ideas" she says. If I ever became a business woman, I would retire. So that's when her retired husband Mario comes in. 'Mario manages me', Sabina explains, to which Mario replies 'I manage the business, you're unmanageable'. It's Sabina's desire to always be working on her hobby which makes her 'unmanageable'. One year ago she had a minor heart attack
and fell down a flight of stairs where upon she broke her back. But as soon as she was able and before her doctor advised, Sabina was back at her hobby. The newest location on Queen Street is actually a move from around the corner where they have been for one year on Victoria Street. We wanted more space and it is a better location, explains Mario. Sabina loves the ambience of Niagara-on-the-Lake. 'It's more like us' she says. The store has a sense of tranquility and Sabina explains that no one is ever pressured into buying anything. 'Our people are there to help', she explains. 'I want people to enjoy the creations without having to pay top prices.' Sabina's secret to success is to 'work hard, know your crafts and how long they will take to make.' But most of all 'to love what you do'.....

Saturday, April 6, 2013

thought this digital page would be reflecting my newly gained confidence
in driving the car again. I have always been driving but stopped somehow
when I had my last hip replacement three years ago. Since my husband
was in the hospital in the last ten days, I was forced to start driving again.
AND IT FELT GREAT! I tell you, girls, (and boys, if any of you are out
there), it felt wonderful. My newly found once more independence. Love it.
The page above was created when I read an article on women and their
fight for freedom or being recognized. It's a provocative thought for
someone that grew up in the fifties and sixties and I still don't agree with all.
Women's lib? Not for me. Not totally. Some of it, but definitely not to the
extent I see happening over here. Grrrr. There are times when I can't believe
my eyes how women dress. Shorts that barely cover their butts and tops
that barely cover their top.....and all in the name of freedom....what happened
to good taste or mirrors at home?

Hmmm, enough said.