Sunday, March 24, 2013

towards a dream

this digital page was created by me a few weeks or months ago...I guess in my dream I am walking over hills and valleys without any pain in my hips or back. Then again, I better not complain because I am walking though with tremendous pain and rather slow. On the other hand, just thinking back on how I was/felt two months ago, it makes me marvel how far I have come.


3 comments: said...

I admire that you are focusing on how far you have come since your accident and not dwelling on the difficulties. Your page is beautiful as is the quote.

DogArtist said...

I remember this one! Love the scene and keep pushing forward with a good attitude Sabina. You'll get there! oxoxo

Jeannette said...

All good things come slowly, but I can imagine the frustration. As long as there is progress Sabina!
I've seen this page before and I still think it is wonderful!
And don't we all need our dreams and fantasies to deal with real life?
Hugs Jeannette