Monday, March 4, 2013

six weeks in bed has given me plenty of time to think about life. And it has made me appreciate real friends and family. Someone that is there for me when I need it the most. My children  have their own lives to live but one does wonder if a ten minute phone call cannot be squeezed into an otherwise busy daily agenda. Reflection on this particular subject produces a deep hurt, because I was raised with different ideals and beliefs. Now I have learnt not to expect much of anything.

My accident was a blessing in a way because it changed my lifestyle - at least for now or for the time being. I had spent far too many hours on the computer, almost obsessed with creating something, either digital artwork or be totally honest, I spent a minimum of at least 9 or 10 hours every single day on the laptop. Now that part has changed. The passion to create is still very much there and with each day that I feel better it is returning more and more and I find myself going back to creating something - but not so much with the computer right now.

below, a layout that I thought would be quite appropriate..... (created before I had
this fall/accident in the bathroom...)


DogArtist said...

I really relate to what you are saying. When it is all said and done? We have ourselves. I guess that is true for everyone...and 6 weeks? My gosh, where has the time gone!? Wow.
I understand what you are saying about looking at life and I really do agree. Your LO is pretty and I too appreciate time spent in a nice quiet cemetery. For many reasons.
Glad you posted this!! <3

CarolW said...

Ahh, my poor dear friend, I wish so for you a quick recovery but it drags one. Maybe you have been trying to do too much, standing puts a lot of pressure on your hips, perhaps that contributes to the pain.
Your page is lovely, I also feel closer to my loved ones at the cemetary, but I know there spirits are everywhere.
Take care, I think of you so much.
Love you BFF,