Sunday, March 17, 2013

remember, I started a journal about our trip to Venice? well, it's done.
 Almost. I still need to finish it here and there, but for now I put it aside
 because I started a journal for Victoria, my little granddaughter. Just for
 fun and I got tired of having all her notes and letters to me flying around
 in a folder. When it's organized inside a journal, people do pick it up
 and look at it......I also love using my hands and find playing around
with paints and glues is very satisfying. (below just a few pages, I
 finished 100 pages with all our photos and bits and was
 fun, thanks to Diane without whom I would never have started this
 in the first place and Mary Ann Moss.
And yes, that's me standing there among the tourists pretending
I am not one....and it's not us sitting there though we did have an
amazing gelato in the cafe right there....











DogArtist said...

Amazing journal my friend! Love it. I do like the thought of a tangible piece, something you can flip through and of course I crack up at your comment on the photos. In the one, it looks as if they are snapping photos of you - maybe you are waving!? Wonderful blog entry. So very nice :D said...

Lovely journal, it looks terrific and I'm so glad that you finished it. It will be a treasure to look through with your family.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work on your journal!!! There is something so special about a hand made journal like this!!! What a great idea to do one now for Victoria.


johanna said...

oh, venedig... ein traum von einer stadt! früher war ich öfter dort, zur kunstbiennale. ich merke, es wird zeit, wieder einmal hinzufahren... schönes journal!!