Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 59 after the accident and I am still quite happy not sitting behind the computer eight or ten hours every single day. Passion is a wonderful trait to follow but perhaps I was also obsessed with finishing a project I had started years ago. The project is finished (writing my biography) and I am now 'wasting' time painting and doing other stuff I love doing. Not feeling great put a dent into my day and even though life has improved, I am far from being back to normal. Went out the other day for the second time in eight weeks (a much needed check-up at the doctor's) and then straight back home.
 (below two of my digital art pages I created. Aren't they adorable?????




Jeannette said...

NO, I did not forget about you! My oldest daughter had a few rough weeks and this week she kind of had a break down. Not major, I think you can call it a typical 14 years old girl break down. I do take that very seriously. I was never taken seriously, and that still hurts, so I will not make that mistake with my kids. Oh well, she is starting school again tomorrow, fingers crossed it all goes well.
So you are improving, but reading through the lines, it will take a lot more time to recover all the way. I'm happy though you are finding your way and doing the things you love can never be a "waste of time". I would love to see a painting of you though, so maybe you can take a photo for us?

I love your Venice journal, it looks really awesome, but most of all I love the personal touch you gave it!
The layouts you made are beautiful. You do have lovely grandkids and I love those gorgeous, dreamy eyes!!
O my, kids do grow up fast, my youngest, a boy, turned 11 last week and when I looked at him I couldn't believe how and when he managed to become such a big boy!

It felt good to hear from you again Sabina, I hope you will feel a bit better each and every day!

Hugs Jeannette

DogArtist said...

Love these both!! And your journaling here at the blog too. I esp like the eyes you pulled out in the 2nd scrapbook page - and btw, in my mind? Painting is never a waste of time! LOL...keep at it :D

johanna said...

i suppose these are your grandchildren? too sweet!!!
i´m happy about your comment on my blog, thanks so much:)