Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DAY 46

Day 46 (almost seven weeks):
I toddled to the Mall yesterday afternoon. Getting into the car was a bit of a trial but yessss, we managed. Had a coffee sitting down gingerly on one of those padded benches and even went to look for a handbag but was too nervous with pain and could not make up my mind. Still, I did what I came to do and felt satisfied. Funny thing though: I am not really sure if I want to drive a car...though I love driving and hopefully also that part of me will come back. The one thing I miss most is my passion for creativity. It's just not there - yet.

Today it has been eight years since I lost my beloved mother. I still miss her so much and will probably feel this way now forever. She was my best friend and ally and we were very close in the last twelve years of her life.


Jeannette said...

Wow Sabina, out to the mall, that is such good news. I can so imagine you felt satisfied, hee, you have every right to feel proud too!
I read your previous post, and it must hurt you don't feel, don't get comfort from your children. That's hard Sabina, you deserve more!

I'm sure your passion will come back to you.It's part of who you are, just give it time! I love the page you created in memory of your mother. It is filled with love and sorrow!

Hang in there Sabina, things will get better!

hugs Jeannette

pchickki said...

Hi Sabina
I just found your blog after I approved you on Digital Whisper.
I know how you feel about missing your Mother. I lost my Mom in 2008 and I still want to talk to her or have a question only she could answer. It is hard but we have wonderful memories to get us through.

I do hope you will join Digital Whisper and get your creativity back. I see that you do some really nice work. Our Digital Whisper family is just what you need. There is so much talent there and they are all wonderful about helping each other and the challenges keep your creativity alive.
Nonetheless, I am glad I found your blog and am now a follower.
Big Hugs

DogArtist said...

I like this LO. Love the tone and mixture of elements and photos. I am sorry you are feeling sorrow about your mum. I know you miss her. It sounds like you are trying to get back to normal. It is a long journey for sure. It also sounds like you are branching out to other scrapping, etc venues! How exciting for you. Maybe it will bring back your "mojo"?! Hugs my friend...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and heart felt page, Sabina! I am blessed to still have my mother yet. I know that I would miss her terribly. So pleased to hear that you were up to going to the mall. We have been away on a holiday for awhile so I just now popped in to see how you are doing.


CarolW said...

I'm sure your creative juices will flow again when it is easier and less painful to get around. We both get excited when we talk about our journals, we shall create! Hope you are feeling better after your shopping, maybe you can take a nap.

Take care dear friend, we'll talk soon.
Hugs, love you,