Friday, February 22, 2013

Face Without the Mask

(my layout ‘My Face without the Mask’ was uploaded about a year
 ago to my personal gallery in and
received an amazing amount of recognition.....).

I followed it up with the one I called 'I know Who I Am'......

The text reads:
'Without the Mask' is a journal that I started many years ago to write
 about my life, my deepest pain and highest joys. I bared my soul with
 it but it was only a journal. They say, a picture is worth a thousand
words and maybe the combination of both will leave a memory behind
 for my children to really know more about me and my soul - my entire Self.

Most people walk through life with pretense and hiding behind it and
 removing the mask is only given to few people.. It takes strength, courage
 and passion - and I have been blessed with all three. Because I know who
 I am.... I know my life has been very different from what is considered
 ‘normal’ and there are times when I wished I could go back in time and
 take a different path than the one I took.. I wished I could be hard and tough
 at times instead of being too soft and crying over things that I cannot change anyway.... let the impossible still be possible...


Tracie Dean said...

Beautiful entry!!!

Happy Crafting

DogArtist said...

I remember your scrapbook pages you are showing here! Loved them then, and still love them now.

Masks are amazing tools...and everyone uses them whether they realize it or not right? And I know exactly who I am too. It is a nice feeling. And empowering. (I think that is what you either said or possibly inferred!)
Glad to see you blogging my friend. <3 said...

It is a gift to know who you are and except it. I think that accepting who you are is the way to inner peace and contentment.

Jeannette said...

I does take courage to be yourself all the time, everywhere you go. I must admit I do not always find it easy. It sometimes takes so much less
energy to just stay behind your mask. O well, I did grow up believing it is far more important to think about what other people thought of me then how I felt about myself. I am proud of you though, for being blessed in this way!

I hope you are recovering well Sabina.

xx Jeannette

CarolW said...

Hi dear, how are you feeling? Beautiful pages and as usual your writing is so well done. I have thought you a very strong woman for quite a while. I too have a mask but I'm not sure how much it covers.

Do hope you are doing better and give me a call when you feel up to it.

Love you BFF,