Sunday, February 3, 2013

DAY 15

Day 15 and here I am, still stuck in bed with the occasional sitting up on
 the edge of the bed helped by my dear bed rail and the inevitable walker
 waiting for me to grab it and stand up for a few seconds. Well, I am standing
 up for about one or two minutes.... but never far away from the edge of the
 bed. I have been told so many times to 'slow down', smell the roses.....relax.....

I wonder if anyone of my
 friends realize that I HAVE
ROSES. For the last twenty years!
Living life the way I want,
enjoying my freedom to do
as I please and when and how.

Lying in bed has given me
ample time to think about
 'smelling the roses' and
believe me, reading a book
no matter how great a book
 or listening to music or having a meaningful conversation (of which
 I am having plenty these days) is not my idea of smelling roses when
 you are not given the freedom to choose. I love all of the above
provided I am free to decide if that is what I want at that moment.

Don't get me wrong: I am improving... Today I got inspired once more
by Diane to look at some Altered Art Journals and from there you go on
and discover other things. This afternoon my husband surprised me with
two books that I will covet. One is the perfect old book for me to work on
for my 'Silk Route Journal'. The other he found today in the local library
for $1 and I can tear it apart and use it for another journal.....Now all I need
is the ability to get into my studio and find my gesso or my oils or even just
 glue.....and time will fly by once more..... (the reason why I was so pleased
about the book for the Silk Route Journal is because it already has some
maps in it and loads of pictures of the path that Marco Polo travelled.
And it is special because I have the faint suspicion that my husband
really has no idea when I talk to him about art journals or Altered Art....
he just sits and smiles - and obviously acted and made me happy because
I spent hours today (literally all afternoon and part evening) removing
lots of the actual pages to make room for my own to be inserted....)

I really miss creating. Below are
 two digital pages I created prior to having my fall. Hope you like it.



DogArtist said...

It is good to see that you are able to do more of the things you always do and love. Your blog is just filling up! Thank you for keeping us posted on your progress as well and your journals sound like a fun project. Hugs...

Balinda said...

My husband does the same thing when I talk art journal least he pretends so that's a plus for him..LOL!! Big giant hugs and healing prayers continue for you on my end.

Sharon said...

Oh my dear Sabina, I have just read through your last couple of weeks. My heart aches for you! Simple pleasures are the best kind of joy and it is good to see you are trying to find gratification, even in your situation. You are an inspiration. My thoughts are with you. I know you have the mental and emotional strength to get yourself through this physical ordeal.

Big Hugs,

Jeannette said...

Feels good to read your blog and to know how you are doing! I love the pages. They are beautiful, fun and hee, I love snow!
Checking back in tomorrow!
Big hugs Jeannette

Anonymous said...

So great to see the pages that you created before your fall. As always stunning!!! Also nice to hear that you are standing if only briefly. How sweet of your DH to get the two books!! I miss you at SBG!


CarolW said...

Hi dear, sounds like you are making good progress for the time it has been. How nice of Mario to get the books for you. I am puttering around and doing some layouts, at the same time thinking what the first page of my big journal will be, it will be fun when you are better.

Glad you are still resting and interested in your books and journaling. Love you.