Friday, January 25, 2013

Hany (my physio) helped me to move my legs to the edge of the bed,
lift my body inch by inch and try to sit up. I thought I would faint with pain.
But I sat. Could not put my hands in my lap yet, I felt less pain with them
resting beside me. He will be back next week. In the meantime I have to go
through the same motions and excercise three to five times daily. Today
I stuck to two. Two is enough - could not tolerate more than three minutes
of a 'kind of sitting'.....Pain level is perhaps at 9 (down from 10). Stopped
taking oxycodone and praying I won't have to sneeze or cough because then
I start screaming.

It could have been worse. Much worse. My husband pulled the table closer
and the computer is resting on it, but I have no more strength left tonight.
For those of you who read this, all my sincerest love and gratitude. Thank
you for caring.

2 comments: said...

I am thinking about you and sending my good wishes.

DogArtist said...

What an ordeal, I feel so bad for you my friend. Lots of prayers, hugs and love to you.