Sunday, January 6, 2013

I love cakes, pastries, European torten and deserts!! Not cupcakes or
muffins  they sell here at Tim's, but real European cakes and
pastries and torten.



When I was a little girl, my mother used to send me to the bakery and buy
slices of cake for our Sunday coffee afternoon which is a tradition even to
this day. I grew up loving cakes. And when I found this little German bakery
not far from where we live here in Canada, I almost cried. Of course, I
bake myself, but it is a lot of work from scratch and especially if it is a Black
Forest Cake with Kirsch liqueur or a buttercreme torte... needless to say, that
at the first opportunity we drove to Joerg's cafe and I ate three pieces of my
favorite torten/cakes.
Each part of Germany has different ways of baking cakes, especially when it
comes to Kirschstreusel (cherry streusel - sort of a sugar/butter crumble on top,
but with a thin layer of marzipan below the cherries)....and not to mention
cheesecream cake. It is not like a New York style cheesecake. Cannot be
compared. The New York one is much heavier and solid, the German cream
one is light and not baked and very delicate with a tiny taste of lemon.
Fortunately for me, my genes have always protected me from any weight gain.
I can eat a piece of cake daily without any problem. Always did. In fact, when
I was young and had a family to cook for, I always had a desert or cake
waiting. Definitely always a cake. My second cup of coffee was around ten a.m.
with a piece of cake, then my husband would come home for lunch and again,
we would have a tea or coffee with a piece of cake and of course after our dinner,
there would be another piece of cake for desert. .....and since I was used to having
a coffee afternoon, I would invariably also nibble on a small piece of cake also
in the afternoon.
Then again, I should also mention that I had three children to take care of and
have always been very active and athletic. And not much interest nor opportunity
to just sit around watching television. That and moving around from one country
to another kept me in shape.



DogArtist said...

Oh what a delight! Love your photos of all this good stuff - they look fabulous. And very YUM! But I like pretty much a good cupcake. Not from Tim's either...hahahaaa....loved this entry! :D said...

Just reading about all the cake you have eaten, I've put on 5 lbs ;-)