Friday, January 18, 2013

Heaven only knows why they call a blog a 'blog' - personally I really
 dislike that description. It actually sounds almost vulgar. So I just call
 it my own online 'journal'. Writing comes natural to me, even in English.
 I have been keeping journals since I was a teenager. Even before that. Yet
 with all the research in genealogy I have been severely side tracked and
then got pulled into digital scrapbooking - which is wonderfully satisfying.
 Totally different from the 'real' thing i.e. no mess, no glue, no paints,
 everything remains on your computer and if you don't like it, well, go
 ahead and delete it. You know where the delete button is, right? Now....
recently my friend Diane introduced me to Mary Ann Moss and I fell in
 love AGAIN with journaling and mess and paints. The inspiration that
emanates from this fantastic awesome teacher is unbelievable, not only
the way she teaches, but also the way she looks at life. So, here I am struggling
with creating a journal. Hybrid. So to speak. Real. My very first book that I
 actually bound. Not the way I am taught, because lol, I was too lazy or
 impatient and decided there was a faster way and yes, alright, Mary Ann,
please let it go for this just one time. My next journal that I shall be starting,
will be SEWN with real stitching and binding tape (though also this one is
 sturdy and I used binding tape, but but's not what I was taught.) This
 journal is in the stages of MAKING. Please look at it with an open mind.
IT IS NOT FINISHED - yet...It's supposed to look old. Like twenty years
old and used and worn. I actually used a very old book for the cover
(no spine)and will work on all the individual pages as I go along, with
alpha, more text, more scraps, and more little bits and pieces though all the
 photos are finally glued in. (needless to say that the photos are scanned!).
 I would not dream of using original photos.... the fun I had, girls, cannot
 be described. Now I know why some get hooked on to the real thing.
Very satisfying, but also very time consuming. Here I have precisely 100
pages, all filled with visual goodies and of course journaling and it took me
 at least one whole month, working on it daily and neglecting naturally my
 digital addiction. ENJOY. Just remember I still have to add some ribbons,
a closure of some kind, not sure what yet......and lots of other bits. (Carol, I
hope you like it....???)

the journal below is about one of our visits to Venice.

 the front cover is definitely NOT finished yet, I want to sign it with my name
and add something else at the bottom.

the first time I saw Venice my husband had to hold my hand and drag me around whilst I was able to look up and around me without having to watch where I was walking....So much to look at, so much to savour.......




DogArtist said...

This looks wonderful Sabina. I can tell you have put a lot of hours into this! And I like the look of a real scrapbook/journal with the photos and your writing. Amazing work and fun. You must feel great about this one! :) said...

Your journal looks amazing and I am so glad that you are having FUN with it. That's what MaryAnn's classes are all about!

Scrappie Irene said...

Oh, how very nice this turned out!
Makes me want to go to Venice again!

Scrappie Irene said...

Oh, this turned out very nice!
Makes me want to visit Venice again!