Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 8

you really don't know humility until you have been really ill and dependent on
others. I have had bad luck in recent years including three major hip replacements and it taught me humility bigtime. But omg, it's so hard to depend and even harder to accept.
Today I drank my coffee without a straw. Wow, what a difference in taste. Eww,
it simply doesn't taste the same sipping it through a stupid straw. I am sitting up a
little higher (considering that so far I have been flat on my back and could
only raise my head). And nurse washed my hair with one of those silly caps
you can buy - it's supposed to work like a shampoo but ohhhh Lord, it feels
disgusting and sticky. Still, maybe it's a little cleaner now.

a huge thank you to my youngest daughter who managed to find the time to
bring me a yummy piece of cheesecake and make me sit up twice -  and cry with

5 comments: said...

I'm glad to see that you have improved and are able to sit up. Slow but steady and you should be back to your old self soon.

Livi said...

Dear Sabrina, do not give up!!!
Many wishes!!!

Jeannette said...

I am so sorry for you. If only the pain is gone or at least way less!
I really hope you will have a speedy recovery Sabina. Thinking of you, from the cold and wet Netherlands!
Hugs Jeannette

DogArtist said...

I am glad to hear you are still trying and doing better. Thanks to Heidi for sure...that must make you feel somewhat better. Of course everyone misses you...prayers and hugs. I am doing my best not to bother you through emails and such. Hang in there. You never did say what you actually injured, other than falling. Must have been a horrible fall. I am thankful nothing was broken- including your spirit. You will be back to yourself soon I just know it! <3

CarolW said...

Oh my dear friend, when you fall you do it up good. I'm so glad you called today, you sound so weak and in pain but you are still my dear friend. Keep getting better, we have our large journals to do. Love you.