Thursday, December 20, 2012

When I look at my work, a lot of my pages are created about others, their pain, their suffering, hunger, floods, the neglected and overlooked and forgotten and of course, there is always the plight of a little kitty left to fend for itself (or a dog) or a child.



 and when heavy thoughts drag me down, I remember my love for music and listen
to one of the world's greatest tenors. My husband and I had the pleasure of
attending concerts mostly in Italy but also here in Canada at the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. No photos of that concert unfortunately though still vivid memories of people turning up in jeans and very casual dress which for us was rather mind boggling and surprising.

stepping outside the 'box' is important otherwise you get caught in a groove

and life starts to be boring. So far I can truthfully say that I have never never EVER been bored and my husband will confirm this, but also surprise, surprise my oldest daughter who knows me too.

I had fun creating this piece. Everything including the dragon lady is pieced together or created from scratch. The dress is re-styled and re-colored but also her hair is not normally part of her look. The hands holding her accessories were added from another dragon and the tongue was created by me since the original didn't have one and I thought it would add a little color to her face, lol.

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DogArtist said...

I think it is add your own thoughts or a twist to an image. Love the kitty, very cute and the awesome dragon! Nice work..I also like your mention of Pavarotti and music,(of course Bocelli is my favorite...and how fitting he sang at both Pavarotti's wedding and funeral)wonderful music - it is so nice we can fall into that. :)