Friday, December 7, 2012


(the photo above inside the frame by the desk was taken a year ago in Ralph's Place
where Victoria loves to go.)

 of course, it's in the news, no matter where you look, be it television or newspapers,
but I love all of these places that I have either lived in or visited. It is a tragedy that so much of it is being destroyed right now. Just wished it would all stop. I almost feel guilty for posting some of my life's pages here but as I have said before, I feel blessed for having been in the position to see so much of the world and enjoyed so many different cultures. It most certainly gives you a totally different perspective.

Shabanou having fun
my husband's fur baby 'Shabanou' who he loves so much that it often surprises me. I really wished he would write a book, his sense of humor is fantastic and he seems to almost have an insight into a cat's mind. Besides, he is a great writer.


DogArtist said...

Oh, where to start!!? I love seeing your pages here. You are really being sooo good about posting!
Shabanou is beautiful of course and I love Lorie's stuff. You have done a wonderful job with them all. Love seeing the photo too...don't remember that at SBG!!! Was it not loaded there?????Hmmm....I am losing it! No matter - love your posts Sabina :D

Mario Pamfili said...

Published without my consent's OK, I love you too
Signed : Shahbanou