Thursday, December 6, 2012

(these last two pages are part of my journal that will go into my biography....) When I started uploading the first few pages, I started having people contact me wanting to learn more about my life, my path. I never realized that anyone would be truly interested in what I have to say but it was totally overwhelming. This was five years ago and I finally finished the first volume (some 200 pages) JUST a few weeks ago.
Some pages have been published and the Editor of another magazine loves my pages.....It simply started because I love my children and I wanted to leave my story behind so they would really get to know their mother. They don't know me. At all. Not
my soul. My son might because he is a lot like me. And hopefully his children and my little granddaughter Victoria will be curious enough to read it - which is why I not only WROTE about it, but used the few photos in my possession to illustrate it. Children, and people get easily bored just looking at a 'grown-up' book, let alone a biography.

i have added a few of my thoughts to my original journaling on the here it goes:
Sometime in those days my Mama and I were evacuated. I was almost five years old then and remember the fear, the paralysis and the trust mama to keep me safe. I
don't remember who took us to the train station, more likely my uncle. Nor do I know
what she actually packed but when we had reached our destination, we also found
her beloved laundry hamper filled with whatever she had grabbed in the short time allotted for packing.

There was no room inside the train carriages, and Essen was a huge city. Someone
lifted me up and a pair of big hands reached out and pulled me tight onto the roof of
the train.The roof was not flat, but rounded (convex) and I did not feel safe until my
Mama was sitting right next to me holding me tight. Just image trying to stay safe
on top of a roof. It's bad enough standing on a regular roof but when it is curved like
the top of a bun with not an inch of flat space anywhere, you really are scared. Now that I am older, I visualize how the train would have to slow down in curves and always maintaining a very slow speed because otherwise all of us would have been
swept off the surface.

Bombs were falling all around us, I could see the lights and the flares exploding.
but I did not dare hide my head because I was so afraid to slide off the roof.
And then the carriage next to us was hit by a bomb. I will never ever forget the screams, the panic. And the fire and the heat. Somehow the coach was disconnected and our train moved away from it all. We saw it all, sitting on top of the rounded roof.

And slowly, very slowly, the train started moving.

I heard a whistle blow, and my Mama made me lie down over the middle of the roof with her body covering mine. What I do not remember is the speed we travelled.I must have fallen asleep perhaps. When we arrived at our destination, many hours must have passed since the distance covered would have been easily 700 miles.

We had arrived.

The city was Crailsheim in Bavaria. This little village way in the mountains was
going to be our home for a while.

I did not smell smoke nor detect ‘broken’ houses...




La Brocanteuse said...

Sabina, thank you for sharing your journal with us,...reading here makes me pause at hind sight...
Colette x

DogArtist said...

I know you are proud of this accomplishment and have put in so many hours. Of course it was worth it! Love the photo you found to use in this page too. Very impacting! Nice work Sabina :D