Monday, December 17, 2012

The Greatest is Love.......and we really should remember this, a gift given to us. The photo was taken many years ago during one of my visits to the United Kingdom. Somehow it reflects how I still feel about the horrific event of a few days ago.
 I felt in need of peace....still do and I thought it would be radiating a little bit
of light and hope in this otherwise dark time from which I really have a problem
recovering. I also feel angry when I listen to all the conversation going on right now on various TV stations about guns and mental health issues. Not that I am not surprised,
it is what was expected and more than likely nothing will be done about more gun control.
Living in a country where to own a gun one needs a licence which is not so easily obtained, I simply cannot understand for the life of me what a normal average person would need a gun for ? to protect what? Or are we still afraid of Indians coming out of the woods to attack us? Sure it is understood that to own a gun in the USA is a constitutional right but perhaps it should be modified to present times.
And if we want to talk about avoiding another killing by being more alert on mental health issues  it just makes me cringe. My goodness, almost everyone seems to have a mental issue these days? anyone going to a quack or psychiatrist or counsellor ? I just wonder how many people are actually on mind altering drugs or tranquillizers or even drugs like marijuana....drugs to calm them down, drugs to wake them up, add to that some drinks and have a mental issue, no matter how short lived it might be. It only takes 30 seconds to murder 20 innocent babies...
and it is not just a question of protecting schools.....what about shopping malls, super markets, churches, parks, anywhere? you are simply not safe anymore.


I love the sea, the waves, the sounds and smell of water....


somewhere near Balls Falls

one of the photos I found in my so-called shoebox...a war torn scene from my life which makes me treasure all the more living in peace and calm.

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DogArtist said...

Love seeing your pages!
You know how I feel about the I won't post it here! Just know it is nice that you have the freedom to say your piece. Which is a good thing :D