Tuesday, December 4, 2012


The Battle of the Ruhr
The Battle of the Ruhr was a 5-month long campaign of strategic bombing
during the The Second World War on Essen, which had coke plants, steelworks,

and 10 synthetic oil plants. The targets included the Krupp armament works (Essen).
British raids were conducted by night whilst the USAAF conducted their raids during
daylight, a closely massed group of bombers that were able to mount "round the clock" bombing.
The Battle of the Ruhr began with a 442 aircraft attack on Essen.
Three waves of bombers dropped their incendiary and time-delayed bombs in under an hour.  797 bombers attacked Essen within a week and then, in July 1943
a force of 690 bombers dropped their bombs on Essenover a period of less than an hour.

The result was complete destruction of not only the Krupp Works, but the entire city.

The page above was created some ten or 15 years ago but at the time without the help of a computer. The reason why I wanted to upload this page into my blog is really motivated from my heart. I was four years old when all this happened and for the last two nights I have seen pictures of the children in Syria, some around my age, some considerably younger but all of them are showing sheer terror in their faces and no matter how often I see this, I am still moved to tears.
I know what terror looks and feels like and it still affects me in a terrible way i.e. paralizing fear. What a tragedy that no leading country has so far tried to stop this violence....what a shame to carry with you forever....Shame on mankind.
I realize that my thoughts will be considered controversial but unless you have experienced the sheer terror of this yourself, you are in no position to judge. It is unimaginable and it breaks my heart. Of course, it makes it even more appalling since I know Damascus from having lived there and loved it. To imagine the oldest city in the world to be destroyed? Would this be happening if Syria had oil ?
Well, just my thoughts.....




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DogArtist said...

Your scrapbook pages are beautiful and so very well done. I think you should be proud to display them! Love seeing them here Sabina. Your feelings do come across through these pages. Well done. :)