Monday, December 10, 2012

Quite a few years have been lived near a sea or an ocean. I love the smell of it, the tang and the salt (if it's salty) but what is really awesome is when you can lie in your bed with the doors open and listen to the waves rolling lulls you to sleep, it is so peaceful.  I am trying to put together a huge book of all the places I have seen and lived in. I guess, what I want to say is that I use a photo with a special meaning to me with little interest if it's fifty years old and hence all the more precious or if it is new but not sharp or clear enough. The memories are there and that is what counts for me.

I create heritage pages of course (and some of my genealogist friends will understand
this) to preserve heritage. Not just a specific person but the entire life around them. So
with each page usually goes another blank page with history accompanying it.

my dear father at Nuerburgring circa 1930

my father ca. 1926 (age 16)

and in between I make sure to think of my family and their children and just how much they mean to me in spite of any geographical distance. After all, did my parents not have to live with the same kind of circumstances?



Lisa said...

It's been awhile since I've stopped by. I've been gallivanting about I think I should. Lucky me, I have my husband to join me for the next week and a half.

As I look through your blog pages, I am once again inspired by your layouts and words; including your fantasy layouts that have non-personal images. I can not say that each of my creations have "meaning". Sometimes I create something because I want to learn a technique. That's me, a tendency towards the technical. Anyways...

I love Christmas time...the magic. The magic is still there, I am happy to say, even though I am far from home and won't have the characteristic Christmas tree and festivities. The magic is in my heart.

I hope you have wonderful Holidays and can feel the magic too!

DogArtist said...

Oh so many to comment on! Of course I love them all and that pier looks so familiar to me. Love the ocean too...water is always a draw. I also like all the grungy-tool-like elements with the others....and I am a Sci-Fi person. Or rather fantasy read so of course the one with John is adorable too!! I am getting caught up here :D

Sabina said...

I just had an email from a dear friend who told me that she could not post on my blog. Since I love what she says, I have copied and pasted it here. That way I will have it forever. Thank you, dear Carol.
commented by Carol Weiser:
"I just was in your blog and tried to leave a few words but it wouldn't take the message, said I had to delete my cookies and try again, so suffice it to say it is a wonderful blog, I love everything you have in it and the front and back of your journals are beautiful. I hope I have half the talent in creating my journal that you have put in your blog. You are such a wonderful, talented lady and I do love you so much my dear friend."
I feel so loved when I read these special messages. Wished my own children would post every now and then too but I guess they consider me not worth it. Sad.