Saturday, December 15, 2012

Peace on Earth

(photo taken in my garden in Port Dalhousie near the pond)....I used
to sit there on a bench contemplating life.
   And now I am sitting here at home in total shock
   with tears in my eyes and such sorrow that I
   cannot imagine how so much evil can exist in
   a 'civilized society'...
   At the end of the day no amount of prayer can
   replace a child. I am heartbroken for all the
   parents in Newtown. I am so sorry.

  The layout was created days before the shooting
  occured but I feel it is perhaps more suitable for today.



DogArtist said...

Beautiful and peaceful as I said before, I do like the tone you chose here with the statue. Nicely done!

coachman said...

Beautiful! The only suitable requiem that I can think of is Gustav Mahler's 'Kindertotenlieder'