Sunday, December 2, 2012

little Sabina

My parents had insisted on sending me to what might be called a 'finishing' school, etiquette and ballroom dancing...I don't think I was happy back then, neither with my partner nor with having to dance formal dances, but
boy, am I happy to have attended. I love dancing, another form or expression of oneself and obviously so much a part of your body when you love rhythm and music. I have never been able to understand how anyone's feet can remain calm and firmly planted on the floor when there is rhythm in the air...a tango, a waltz, a fox trott...ahhhhhh.


DogArtist said...

Oh you are such a blog-a-holic! LOL
Love seeing this one of you as a toddler. Don't think I have seen it!
Perfect place to showcase your scrapbook pages. I hope the kids enjoy them too!!! :)

Mario Pamfili said...

You look already stubborn, no let's say "determined " in the first picture and your lovely-self in the second.