Sunday, December 30, 2012

I promise it's almost finished. Just catching up with some of my previous pages
that I am afraid my children might miss - if they take the time to even look. Ha!
All I want (my little twin granddaughter Willow)
 Our first Christmas with our granddaughter Victoria....

Primitive christmas
 Of course I love cuddling up to my little grandchild. Oh the memories of that sweet time!

circa 1945 (my grandfather's home)

circa 1848, my The little scrap of paper on the right is part
of the sentence issued to put him in jail for seven years because he had participated in a revolt against the landowner who had raised taxes....


Nevermore said...

Thought I would drop by: oh my, the kilt on the bird!!! I do so hope you are feeling well and are enjoying the holidays.

Maja said...

Carissima Sabina, grazie tante per gli auguri di Natale che ricambio di cuore!
Ti auguro un felice Anno Nuovo 2013 ricco delle benedizioni del Signore!

Ammiro le tue pagine in perfetto stile vintage. Sei un'artista eccezionale!
Bacioni, Maja

DogArtist said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Love them all of course. Loved your comment too..hehehee.....ykwim ;)