Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I love the design of this page so much even though I felt it wise to block out her Daddy's face. (page created with one of Lorie Davison's wonderful kits)


 created with the help of Studio Rosey Posey's kit, using one of my most
 favorite photos of my darling granddaughter. It is not that crips, not a professional
 photo but I love her expression here, the sweetness in her face.
Victoria loves creating art. I hope she will love one of
the Christmas presents Father christmas is going to drop off this year. 
one of my favorite shots is this one: where the love of a child and mother is truly reflected in the stance, the look, that gentle touch of a child's hand and the warmth you can feel from the loving reassurance the mother is giving to her little girl.


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DogArtist said...

These are all wonderful Sabina - I think Victoria will be quite taken with them when she sees the pages and feel the love they were created with! I esp like the one where she is much younger with her pigtails. Oh how cute! I know everyone else will love them as well!! :D