Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I feel quiet, and just want to upload a few more of those pictures that I had lined up to show in my blog. When I first started the blog in 2008, I did nothing with it, just one miserable entry admitting that it was 'beyond my capabilities' and I had no idea what to do with it or how to work with it. Then I got this sudden burst of energy and decided it was worth a try - less than a year ago. Now I am trying to play catch up with a few of my digital art pictures that I want in the blog, so please bear with me. A few more and it's done and then I will just keep up my daily ramblings with whatever I am creating. (it's like trying to tidy up after a party and having some order back in the house which is how I feel about these pictures.....)
After the hassle of shopping for christmas gifts, it's nice to relace and just look at nature irregardless if it's raining or snowing out there.

Of course my litte kitty 'Arabella' helps me to achieve that certain 'peace' I need after a busy day having the children here. She is never far away from me - read 'two inches away'. Right now she is stretched across what she has designated as 'her' pillow, right close to me so she can lift her head and turn it towards me with a tiny little mieow as if to say 'I am here and I love you soooooo much'.......

which brings me to all creatures, human or animal that are abandandoned on a daily basis everywhere across the world. And if not abandoned, then neglected perhaps or much worse, they are abused or worse. It does not bear thinking and at a time like this, I am always glad to see good in unexpected places.


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DogArtist said...

Love these LOs too! Love the birds and Arabella of course!!!