Saturday, December 1, 2012

 My grandfather's home in Marksuhl, Thueringia, Germany. He was born there as were his parents and grandparents before him.

Obermoelmeshof, Marksuhl
He played the violin beautifully and from what my grandmother told me, one of his favorite pieces was 'Plaisir d'Amour'....Of course it became one of my favorites. I love the haunting notes, it just makes me want to sing it......Until recently I had no idea that he was also a painter and artist. I have two photos that my cousin sent to me and it shows one of his paintings still in need of framing. And another one finished and framed. (link:;postID=3375948580760243097.


DogArtist said...

Beautiful page - love the pop of color from the leaves! I also am a (former)violin player so I can really appreciate this - it has been more years than I wish to say... :)

Scrappie Irene said...

Wow Sabina, this is very nice!

Mario Pamfili said...

Last night I had some time to spare and I looked again at your posts. As you well know, I'm not an artist and I can not judge the artistic value of your works. I like them,some more, some less.But what makes them stunning is the prose, the way you write, coming from the soul. After 40 years, you still manage to amaze me ! I wish that your family, me being the first, could learn and appreciate your output.