Sunday, December 23, 2012

a fun variation of Salvatore Dali's elephant which I so loved when I saw it in London (England)...I simply had to play around with it...

there are times when it's fun just playing around and this was one of those times: meaningless in a way and without much depth...

and then I really stepped outside my box and created this little beauty, put
together with nuts and bolts and other fun stuff. It's a 'her' because at the last
moment I decided that a skirt would look very cute on her. (to see it closer, please
click on the picture. I am having problems tonight posting here....grrrrrr.)

After stepping outside the box, I find myself going back to create a little more with 'meaning'. (again, also here please double click on the picture to see it in larger size. Google is not cooperating with me tonight, lol.


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DogArtist said...

OMG there are too many for me to comment on!!! seeing them though. Esp that Steampunk one!