Sunday, December 30, 2012

I promise it's almost finished. Just catching up with some of my previous pages
that I am afraid my children might miss - if they take the time to even look. Ha!
All I want (my little twin granddaughter Willow)
 Our first Christmas with our granddaughter Victoria....

Primitive christmas
 Of course I love cuddling up to my little grandchild. Oh the memories of that sweet time!

circa 1945 (my grandfather's home)

circa 1848, my The little scrap of paper on the right is part
of the sentence issued to put him in jail for seven years because he had participated in a revolt against the landowner who had raised taxes....

Friday, December 28, 2012

One of my favorite photos. I don't have many of me, especially not when I was small and hardly any when I was a teenager. It was just not such a big issue back then.

 just playing around with layers and colors....and having fun. That's really what it is for me: Fun. When people tell me that it's time to take it easy or not to work too hard, I just laugh. This is not work, it's like fresh air. I need it.

nobody is perfect. My little granddaughter looks like she is bothered by something or maybe just thinking. I just liked the expression. (please click to enlarge.)


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My grandfather (born in 1810) was sentenced to seven year in jail because he took part in an uprising in 1848 in Duelmen, Westphalia, Germany against the landowner who had raised the rent and taxes. People were starving and dying of hunger.

a photo taken some fifty years ago when I was visiting family in Berlin. We had family
on both sides of the wall, the eastern and western sector. There is no way to describe what I felt when standing right there looking at the wall. I think the text on the page says it all. (this will be part of a book I have starting compiling for the archives in

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I feel quiet, and just want to upload a few more of those pictures that I had lined up to show in my blog. When I first started the blog in 2008, I did nothing with it, just one miserable entry admitting that it was 'beyond my capabilities' and I had no idea what to do with it or how to work with it. Then I got this sudden burst of energy and decided it was worth a try - less than a year ago. Now I am trying to play catch up with a few of my digital art pictures that I want in the blog, so please bear with me. A few more and it's done and then I will just keep up my daily ramblings with whatever I am creating. (it's like trying to tidy up after a party and having some order back in the house which is how I feel about these pictures.....)
After the hassle of shopping for christmas gifts, it's nice to relace and just look at nature irregardless if it's raining or snowing out there.

Of course my litte kitty 'Arabella' helps me to achieve that certain 'peace' I need after a busy day having the children here. She is never far away from me - read 'two inches away'. Right now she is stretched across what she has designated as 'her' pillow, right close to me so she can lift her head and turn it towards me with a tiny little mieow as if to say 'I am here and I love you soooooo much'.......

which brings me to all creatures, human or animal that are abandandoned on a daily basis everywhere across the world. And if not abandoned, then neglected perhaps or much worse, they are abused or worse. It does not bear thinking and at a time like this, I am always glad to see good in unexpected places.


Monday, December 24, 2012

(photos were taken near Ralph's Place, Ontario).
Ralph's Place, Niagara region, Ontario

Life can be a shipwreck if you let it......

I still love taking pictures of the yacht anchored in Jordan right on the shores of Ontario Lake. It's silhouetted against the sky when we are coming home from Toronto and has become a symbol, I am sure, for many of us living in the southern tip of the Niagara Region.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

a fun variation of Salvatore Dali's elephant which I so loved when I saw it in London (England)...I simply had to play around with it...

there are times when it's fun just playing around and this was one of those times: meaningless in a way and without much depth...

and then I really stepped outside my box and created this little beauty, put
together with nuts and bolts and other fun stuff. It's a 'her' because at the last
moment I decided that a skirt would look very cute on her. (to see it closer, please
click on the picture. I am having problems tonight posting here....grrrrrr.)

After stepping outside the box, I find myself going back to create a little more with 'meaning'. (again, also here please double click on the picture to see it in larger size. Google is not cooperating with me tonight, lol.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

I keep thinking that perhaps if we did not throw out half a banana or
an unfinished loaf of bread because it was going slightly stale or
did not expect such huge portions at restaurants, perhaps all that food could be used to sustain some and help out with starvation ?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Thank you, BJ, for such a lovely thoughtful gift. It is still standing here and carefully tended and totally appreciated. With this gift I pass on my most sincere hope and wishes that all my dear friends will be able to celebrate a Blessed Christmas.
Happy Christmas to you all.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

When I look at my work, a lot of my pages are created about others, their pain, their suffering, hunger, floods, the neglected and overlooked and forgotten and of course, there is always the plight of a little kitty left to fend for itself (or a dog) or a child.



 and when heavy thoughts drag me down, I remember my love for music and listen
to one of the world's greatest tenors. My husband and I had the pleasure of
attending concerts mostly in Italy but also here in Canada at the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. No photos of that concert unfortunately though still vivid memories of people turning up in jeans and very casual dress which for us was rather mind boggling and surprising.

stepping outside the 'box' is important otherwise you get caught in a groove

and life starts to be boring. So far I can truthfully say that I have never never EVER been bored and my husband will confirm this, but also surprise, surprise my oldest daughter who knows me too.

I had fun creating this piece. Everything including the dragon lady is pieced together or created from scratch. The dress is re-styled and re-colored but also her hair is not normally part of her look. The hands holding her accessories were added from another dragon and the tongue was created by me since the original didn't have one and I thought it would add a little color to her face, lol.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Greatest is Love.......and we really should remember this, a gift given to us. The photo was taken many years ago during one of my visits to the United Kingdom. Somehow it reflects how I still feel about the horrific event of a few days ago.
 I felt in need of peace....still do and I thought it would be radiating a little bit
of light and hope in this otherwise dark time from which I really have a problem
recovering. I also feel angry when I listen to all the conversation going on right now on various TV stations about guns and mental health issues. Not that I am not surprised,
it is what was expected and more than likely nothing will be done about more gun control.
Living in a country where to own a gun one needs a licence which is not so easily obtained, I simply cannot understand for the life of me what a normal average person would need a gun for ? to protect what? Or are we still afraid of Indians coming out of the woods to attack us? Sure it is understood that to own a gun in the USA is a constitutional right but perhaps it should be modified to present times.
And if we want to talk about avoiding another killing by being more alert on mental health issues  it just makes me cringe. My goodness, almost everyone seems to have a mental issue these days? anyone going to a quack or psychiatrist or counsellor ? I just wonder how many people are actually on mind altering drugs or tranquillizers or even drugs like marijuana....drugs to calm them down, drugs to wake them up, add to that some drinks and have a mental issue, no matter how short lived it might be. It only takes 30 seconds to murder 20 innocent babies...
and it is not just a question of protecting schools.....what about shopping malls, super markets, churches, parks, anywhere? you are simply not safe anymore.


I love the sea, the waves, the sounds and smell of water....


somewhere near Balls Falls

one of the photos I found in my so-called shoebox...a war torn scene from my life which makes me treasure all the more living in peace and calm.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Peace on Earth

(photo taken in my garden in Port Dalhousie near the pond)....I used
to sit there on a bench contemplating life.
   And now I am sitting here at home in total shock
   with tears in my eyes and such sorrow that I
   cannot imagine how so much evil can exist in
   a 'civilized society'...
   At the end of the day no amount of prayer can
   replace a child. I am heartbroken for all the
   parents in Newtown. I am so sorry.

  The layout was created days before the shooting
  occured but I feel it is perhaps more suitable for today.


Friday, December 14, 2012

I am so horrified about the shooting in Newtown, Conn. that I can't even think  of  anything else let alone post something tonight. My prayers are with the parents but I know if I had lost a child, no amount of prayer would help. For me personally it would just be a lot of talk called 'support' because at the end of the day I would still have to face another sunrise without my child.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I love the design of this page so much even though I felt it wise to block out her Daddy's face. (page created with one of Lorie Davison's wonderful kits)


 created with the help of Studio Rosey Posey's kit, using one of my most
 favorite photos of my darling granddaughter. It is not that crips, not a professional
 photo but I love her expression here, the sweetness in her face.
Victoria loves creating art. I hope she will love one of
the Christmas presents Father christmas is going to drop off this year. 
one of my favorite shots is this one: where the love of a child and mother is truly reflected in the stance, the look, that gentle touch of a child's hand and the warmth you can feel from the loving reassurance the mother is giving to her little girl.