Friday, November 2, 2012

Sometimes I feel tremendous pressure and guilt for following my passions especially when I am told to sit back and smell the roses, to enjoy life and relax......they say I am doing too much, hence I have angina or get tired.  Well,  let me explain what I consider smelling the roses:
I have always been blessed with a passionate nature though I discovered some of my passions a little later in life - but whatever I do, I do with great passion. Like it says in my profile: I don't like sleep because I feel I am wasting time. When morning comes, I try never to sleep in late, because I cannot wait to start on my project. I cannot wait to live and dream and create. (though I do sleep in occasionally when I feel I need it....common sense and the love of my duvet and feeling snuggly!)
a favorite of mine: Schwarzwaelder Kirsch
at the little German Cafe in Crystal Beach,
This is my idea of a dream come true, of smelling the roses. To create, to let my soul soar and to express my thoughts and feelings in art, be it in a water color painting or a journal, a book I am writing about life in Old Germany, working on a bonsai and grooming it with the wire and its delicate branches, knitting for one of the children, designing some new digi page.....entering a thought into my blog which I also something special when in  the mood; listening to CNN, CBC or BBC and keeping updated on the events in the world. Right now I am working on creating an Ikon, like the ones you might have seen in Russia...I was inspired by one and want to re-create it for one of my  children...I want to bind a book so that I can do some artsy journaling....and on cold evenings when the snow is blowing,

what better time than to sit  in front of the fireplace sipping a glass of good wine or taste some of the rum pot I have been brewing now for many months (of course with a dollop of vanilla icecream) and perhaps listen to Tannhauser or the Gladiators, or a Sonata by Mozart. And this does not even include the many books I still NEED to read....Life is full of beauty and adventure even as you get older or perhaps especially when you are older because you don't find yourself slotted into a groove any longer and time is precious.

When I am finally flying towards heaven, I don't want to look down and feel regrets of what I could have done. I want to leave this earth with a sense of having 'done it all'.....
I want to know that I am going down or up with flying colors and smile all the way......

2 comments: said...

When we become "women of a certain age", we absolutely have to follow our passion. I am flitting from one project to another lately but loving every minute.

DogArtist said...

Oh that cake...looks scrumptious!!
Doing what we is only right! Keep at it ;)
(my mother has more Bonsais that I can count. It is a passion of hers. She travels to all the meetings(Bonsai Club) and competes with her own creations. I am always amazed at how beautiful they are - you must love it!!) one can ever do everything but we can sure try!! LOL