Friday, November 30, 2012

my twin grandgirls, the sisters of my little grandson. I had a huge problem
telling them apart in the beginning but then it finally clicked: Willow has blue eyes, Brynne brown ones. (paternal twins). They are a riot and you can see their sense of fun in their faces. I do hope my son or dear daughter-in-law will see these pictures, though I am not holding my breath. Time seems to be a huge factor for anyone finding time.



the perfect pose
on the way to visit Nana


don't you just love this expression?
Little Rosebud

Needless to say that I love them all so very much. Sadly, I have only seen the twins
twice so far, and they are now five years old. Our grandson is ten years old and I have seen him three times. The world is getting smaller - so they say, but when experiencing it personally, it sounds like a lot of nonsense (not to say poppyc......) because here we are, in Canada and there they are in the States. Some 8 hours of driving and 660 km or circa 400 miles away, which would normally not be a problem except that we now need health coverage to travel and that is an almost impossible dream for anyone with 'pre-existing' conditions. So we keep dreaming and I keep creating digital pages.....and hoping for great photos, tid bits, updates, anything.....Lol.


coachman said...

Children are our 'future' and our most precious asset. These vignettes are reminders that the innocence of babes is but a memory of when we where young ourselves and an expression of a wish that we could relive their innocence in our 'old age'. It is a pity that the grandma lives at a distance and cannot watch over them in close contact as they grow to adulthood. Your portayal of them in art, we trust, will compensate you for your absence and give you a degree of solace and some sense of satisfaction on viewing them as works of art.

DogArtist said...

I hope they get viewed by the kids. These are too precious to just sit in a journal for sure! Love them all Sabina - - nice work :D