Saturday, October 27, 2012

I really could not believe that my work was considered special. This was a page that I had designed in the beginning of 2009, not very long after I had fallen in love with digital art and Photoshop. Here is the link:!-POTW-April-14-09/page3&p=54192#post54192. It was made into a challenge for others to lift it. Here is the message that came to me along with a great gift certificate - I did not care about the gift but I treasured the fact that my work
had been recognized at one of the better digital scrapsites:
This week's pick is a lovely Vintage Layout, once you check it out you should look at the rest of her Gallery. I did, and it has me wanting to see many more, such great history behind those layouts! I chose this layout to spotlight out of all of them because of the very special feeling it gave me, such love and admiration there :-) Here is Sabina_Canada's "Mama and Me" layout:
My Mama and Me

and here is what I replied in the forum:
Michelle, thank you so much. I am still swallowing hard here and can't believe that you noticed my layout. I come from a site where layouts created with kits NOT from that site are not recognized. This is truly an honor because you are recognizing a layout that was created with designers from other sites and yet you like it enough to pick it for other words you appreciate talent (not mine, but in general) and you give credit and love when you see it, irregardless whether it was created with one of your designers or some others...that is more important to me. The realization of your open heart and your generosity in spirit is what made me so happy today, not the kit.
Scrapbookgraphics has shown generosity in spirit and that I find awesome.

Thank you with all my heart.

(by the way, all of my photos and digital pages are posted here in small format (i.e. max 200kb). Naturally, the ones that are printed hover around 10 MB in size and they are obviously much sharper and better).


coachman said...

How fortunate you are to have such a charming photo of yourself with your mother.

My mother lost her mother at age 11and never had a picture of her to remember her by.

She was haunted throughout the rest of her life that she could not remember what she looked like!

DogArtist said...

Love you showcasing your scrapbook pages here! It is a perfect place for them...and your heritage pages are wonderful as are your treasured photos! :)

Maja said...

Ciao Sabina, adesso puoi postare i commenti sul mio blog senza problemi. Ho risolto proprio per te!
A presto...