Wednesday, October 10, 2012

so, ok, I am still posting about the Shipyard but it's no good splitting it up and posting something unrelated because I am sure I would be losing my family's interest. The book is large with 438 pages though the actual chapter will still have to be translated. I am waiting for my husband to start on it! )
It's fascinating. The truth is that it was my interest that actually got my husband involved in the research or he more than likely would not have bothered. I am sure the children will appreciate it in years to come. Maybe not now because when you are young, you really don't think about your roots. But your roots are actually your 'DNA'.....(so to speak).

here are some more tidbits out of the book.
And in spite of the lack of space, the Shipyard continued to thrive, in spite of the competion offered by other smaller yards - so much so that the owner decided to raze down some old buildings standing on his properties in Carradori Square( i.e. near the yard) and erect a new building, which remained the Panfilli's residence until 1882 and can still be seen at Panfilli Square in its remodeled version( apartments and offices).



DogArtist said...

I missed this one! must have posted it later. Looks like a lot of material to go through - and it is good you are documenting it all. Super :)

CarolW said...

Your blog is amazing, I don't know how you find time to do this plus all the other things you are in to

I think I have tunnel vision, just looking straight ahead and very seldom take a road in another direction, I am usually pleased when I do, as in a trip to your blog. An amazing journey, you have had a full life and so it continues.

I am proud of you honey.