Friday, October 12, 2012

And the rest is history. I am getting bored and want to move on. So much to talk
about and so many thoughts going through my head. I am glad this is done because I know that even Marinella will enjoy this. All my children are fascinated with our
family history -  their roots. I still have a scan of Odorico to post and some photos I took when in Trieste.

In 1878 the family started erecting an imposing complex of three buildings on one of these plots, each comprising of a lower level and five higher floors in 1878, known as Palazzo Pamfilli. The impressive buildings are still in excellent condition and are a remarkable part of Trieste's history.

(Title Atti (Center of historical research in rovigno)
vol 22 published in Trieste and Rovigno 1992
total of 438 pages
the Pamfili chapter pages 62 - 93....)




Lisa said...

How wonderful you are doing this! An online journal for all your family to see ;)

(The picture on the bottom...the building is nicely framed by the trees.)

DogArtist said...

Wonderful! Such beautiful buildings - so much to be proud of. I need to go look at these myself because they are just fantastic. Great shots too by you!! Super post Sabina :)