Monday, October 8, 2012

(I want to carry on with the Pamfili Shipyard for now. Not much more, I promise, but
it would make it confusing if I split it up and show some other theme or photo. )

Another exploit in July 1829 with the launching of the "Civetta", the first ship in the world with a central propulsion system operating on a propeller.
Family disputes resulted in the shipyard to be sold by public auction in 1834 to Antonio Francesco-Giuseppe Panfili. Having won an international bid the company built the steamship "Maria Dorotea" ( in 1834) followed by the remaining ships "Principe Clemente Metternich ", "Stanbul ", "Ferninando ", and "Crescent". The construction of this last ship pointed out again the shipyard's main problem, i.e. the
  lack of space.                                                                                                   

(one more chapter or segment to follow, lol.)

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DogArtist said...

Very interesting still! I enjoy reading the Italian as well. Love that you are working on this Sabina :)